Zen Cart – Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting software issues in general, regardless of what’s creating the issue has always been a tedious and time consuming process of trial and error. In many cases you may need to use several different solutions before you can find the correct one, while other issues may be very simple fixes. This article will cover some of the most common issues and provide some great troubleshooting tips for Zen Cart.

General Troubleshooting

Lets start with some common guidelines when troubleshooting any issue.

  • First get a complete and exact description in detail of the symptom or issue your experiencing.
  • See if the symptom or issue is repeatable or can be reproduced in any way.
  • Identify the root cause of where the symptom or issue is coming from.
  • Repair or fix the effected symptom or issue with a given or researched solution.
  • At last test and verify that the symptom or issue doesn’t exist or return.

If the symptom or issue was fixed, formulate a plan to prevent the symptom or issue from occurring again.

In the event the symptom or issue is still existent it might be best to begin from step one. Simply because applying any sort of solution for the first symptom or issue could have made an all new one.

Troubleshooting Zen Cart

The following list of symptoms or issues you will want to keep an eye out for, and since they are the most common, you’ll find that you will run into these more frequently than others when troubleshooting Zen Cart.

  • Unexplained blank lines or spaces within files or lines of code. Usually found at the top or bottom of the file.
  • Custom lines of code with absent or removed closing brackets, braces, semicolons, or quotation marks. (Most Common)
  • Incomplete files that were left unfinished or not uploaded properly.
  • Modifications or an add-on that when installed were written incorrectly. (Second most common)
  • Files that haven’t been upgraded or files upgraded improperly or incomplete. (Third most common)

Advanced Techniques

Finally if at the end of the day you’ve implemented some new website or store improvements or simply complete an upgrade and you stumble upon something not working correctly or not working at all, the following, while time consuming, is the best step by step method to take when figuring out what went wrong.

  • Copy all your website’s files to a separate folder on your PC.
  • Run a program or software to scan all your website’s files and compare them against a newly extracted copy of the same version of Zen Cart. Beyond Compare or WinMerge would be good for this.
  • Investigate every different file found in detail, and check every one to see whether it could bring on the issue your currently having.




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