WHOIS Privacy

We offer domain WHOIS privacy to protect you from spammers and other intruders by making sure your WHOIS contact info is not exposed in public WHOIS searches. The domain registrant’s contact information remains private and is on file with us so that you still receive all incoming requests for information about the domain name.

Privacy can be enabled and disabled from your account control panel by following these steps.


  • Click “My Domain Registrations
  • Click on the shield, under “Features”, to enable WHOIS privacy


  • Confirm the addition of WHOIS privacy and agree to the charges

Check the invoice and click the button labeled “Confirm Charges”.

Enabling and Disabling Domain WHOIS Privacy

Domain WHOIS privacy can be enabled and disabled any time you like from within your account control panel. You may want to temporarily disable domain WHOIS privacy for a variety of reasons, including when you want to transfer the domain. Please remember that enabling or disabling WHOIS privacy will not renew or cancel your privacy subscription.

  • Click “My Domain Registrations
  • Click on the shield, under “Features”, to enable or disable WHOIS privacy. If the shield is green, the privacy is enabled. If the shield is red, the privacy is disabled. If the shield is gray, privacy has not been purchased.

  • To change the privacy settings, just click the shield. This will give you the option to enable or disable privacy.

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