What is WHMCS

WHMCS is a solution for resellers that are looking for a one-stop hosting solution that can handle Billing and Support ticket requests for clients. The software is compatible with several payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.net, and Google Checkout. WHMCS includes the ability to use several different currencies, create invoices, and create promotions targeting your particular clients.

WHMCS allows your clients to send high-quality professional-looking invoices directly from the control panel. In each invoice sent from WHMCS, there are PDF versions attached to every email sent from WHMCS. The PDF versions are included in all new invoice notifications and payment reminder notices sent from WHMCS. The benefit of this is that your clients never have to visit your website to see their overall bill, they are delivered directly to their email through fully customizable templates.

WHMCS for your Customers

WHMCS allows you to create invoices that charge your customer in multiple currencies enabling you to expand your business. Every quote and estimate can be generated using different currencies and then sent to potential clients. WHMCS then allows you to convert the quote or estimate directly to an invoice by a single button click if accepted by your customer. Each invoice can be set as a one-off or recurring payment allowing you different options to grow your business.

Inside WHMCS, your clients can use the credit system to deposit funds to pre-pay for services. The system will automatically keep track of all payments and auto-correct overpayments o future invoices. The system also includes tax support for both inclusive and exclusive taxing. Taxation can be enabled per product, including the ability to apply tax exempt statuses to customer orders.

Automated payment reminders can be setup to notify customers regarding unpaid invoices, overdue balances, late fees, and warn about service suspension. Late fees can be setup to apply extra charges to invoices of clients that have not been paid on time.

WHMCS also can bill customers who you have provided support to using their Support Ticket Billing system. The system will allow you to charge your customers for any time or work you have arranged through tickets automatically without needing to perform a separate process.

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