What is Site Builder?

Site Builder is a browser based, online site development and design tool. It utilizes pre-built, professionally designed templates that allow the user to customize the site by adding his or her own images, video, widgets, forms, and more. The beauty of the software is that it is a robust and functional site design and management suite that users ranging from novice to expert can fully take advantage of.

For the novice user publishing a site using our Site Builder can be as simple as clicking through the step-by-step publishing wizard to select a template, add the desired content, and publish the site to a live server. For the expert user, the suite offers advanced editing features to allow the addition of custom scripting and more complex design elements. Sites created with our Site Builder software can be published across multiple platforms such as mobile, Facebook, and the web giving site owners the ultimate online presence. Make sure to take advantage of the additional support articles on our site that give a specific walk-through for publishing and editing sites with the Site Builder software.

You can add the Site Builder product by either navigating to My Products > My Add-Ons > Site Builder or by clicking here and filling out the ordering wizard.

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