What is a PHP.ini File

What is a php.ini file?

A php.ini file is allows the overriding of default server php configuration values for individual domains. You may change specific settings by editing the php.ini file within the CGI-Bin directory within your domain’s folder. If you have specific questions regarding the different options within a php.ini file review the article Understanding options within a PHP.ini.

Why do I need a PHP.ini file?

The server defaults have been configured by our administrators to use the most optimal php settings for the majority of our customers. We understand that the majority of our customers will never need to create a php.ini file but we do understand that if the need arises for your site to call to a php.ini file you have the freedom to do so.

Where do I find my php.ini file?

You can locate your php.ini file within your CGI-Bin. If you need assistance in finding the correct folder within your account check out the article How to find your PHP.INI file.

Why do I not see a php.ini file within my domain?

If your domain name does not contain a php.ini file within your CGI-Bin folder your site is running off the default settings of the server. Don’t worry if you need help creating a php.ini file contact our support services at anytime and we would love to assist you in making sure it is setup the way you need it to be.

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