Website Moving Services


What is it for?

Our Website Moving Service can offer you  any kind of content migration between hosting solutions you have with us (shared, VPS, cloud) or migration from external hosting providers to us. You may be interested in this service if your account becomes too heavy for shared hosting, if you have problems with migration on your own, or simply want to save your valuable time for something more pleasant and to be sure that everything will work as it is supposed to.

How Does it Work?
Our in-house experts (Advanced Support Team) will transfer websites, databases, and email addresses to the desired account that you have with us. Everything will be done in a careful and timely manner in which you won’t even notice the migration has started. You then will have the  ability to recheck your account  from your side and confirm that migration is completed successfully before finally pointing to the new location.

How to order?
Please fill out the free quote request form here and our specialists will provide you with the total cost to move your content. Once you’ve approved the cost of the migration and verified the last four of the credit card or the Pay Pal account you wish to charge, one of our  Advanced Support Team members will contact you and proceed with your migration.

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