Web Server Overload – Simultaneous Connections

Utilizing a disproportionate amount of simultaneous connections can cause a shortage of available connections on the server which will significantly impacting the performance of your account with us and the accounts of other customers on the same server. To alleviate this problem, all you have to do is to reduce the amount of simultaneous connections allowed to your domain(s). If this traffic is due to a recent ad campaign, publication, or promotion that is running, we understand that this increased traffic is good for your site. However, it cannot negatively impact server stability for all users.

All traffic comes with limitations, as the Fair-Use portion of our Terms of Service states, which promotes an equal sharing of server resources among all customers. The Fair-Use statement is actually the main reason why you can consistently have connections available to your visitors, as it lets you use more resources when others use less so that the system is always in a balanced state providing reliable services to you and your site’s visitors.

Please note that all shared hosting providers today work in this fashion to ensure the best performance for their systems.

We’d like to help resolve this issue by providing you a few suggestions that can help to quickly resolve this matter in many cases:

You may need to limit any marketing campaigns that are directing traffic to your site.

Another option is to check your transfer logs for IPs that connect to your site numerous times and block them with an .htaccess file. To find these IP’s, go to your Control panel and click on web options, then select the domain you wish to check. Next, click to view the transfer logs. You can also check for malicious IP’s through Webalizer and AWstats. More details of how to block users by their IP addresses can be found here:


If your site’s traffic looks suspicious we recommend that you use CloudFlare Security service to protect your sites from further attacks. You can find basic information regarding these services here:


If the traffic for your site is legitimate and you need to continue receiving it, you will need to upgrade to dedicated hosting. You can find more information about Cloud and VPS hosting packages under our IXwebhosting brand:




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