Using HTProtect on a Linux Server

HtProtect is a utility that allows you to password protect any directory within your website so only authorized visitors can view the content with their browser. HtProtect is a key feature if you are in need of controlled area without the skills to create a username and password interface.  With a few minutes you can have in place the additional security you require without the extra expense of designing it or having it designed.

How to setup HTProtect on a Linux Server

  • Within your hosting control panel click on the square icon that says “File Manager” (if your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit here)Using-HTProtect-on-a-Linux-Server-001
  • Within the WebShell, next to the left of the domain you wish to password protect click on the small folder icon.Using-HTProtect-on-a-Linux-Server-002
  • On the right side of your WebShell screen it will display the details window. Within the details window, look for the row with the lock box on the right.  In this row you want to click on the link “create” that is located right after the text.Using-HTProtect-on-a-Linux-Server-011
  • After you click on the create icon it will display the following popup window. In this window we want to create a location for our user information.  You have the option to change this if you have different websites all using HTProtect but with different username and passwords for each site. In this tutorial we will use the default “/.htmaster/.ok_user”.Using-HTProtect-on-a-Linux-Server-004
  • Within the empty Password file you are creating you want to click on “+ add” to add a new user.Using-HTProtect-on-a-Linux-Server-005
  • In the text blocks you want to enter in your new user, user password and confirm the password.  After you have entered all of the information click on the “save” icon to save the user.Using-HTProtect-on-a-Linux-Server-006
  • After the user has been saved click on the “save” icon to save the file.Using-HTProtect-on-a-Linux-Server-010
  • On the second save window click on the “save” icon again to confirm the creation of the .htaccess.Using-HTProtect-on-a-Linux-Server-008
  • If it was saved correctly you should receive the message window below and your .htaccess is created within your domain name folder.Using-HTProtect-on-a-Linux-Server-009

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