Using file manager in Plesk

In this article we will go over how to utilize the file manger in your Plesk control panel.

Accessing the file manager can be done by first logging into your server’s Plesk control panel. After that follow these steps:

1. Click Domains.


2. Click on the domain you wish to access the control panel for.



3. Choose Show More.



4. Click File Manager.




Now that you have accessed the file manager for your domain, there are many options available for you to use to manage your sites content. We will go over some key functions and point out where you can find them.

Creating Files and Directories

In order to create a file in the file manager, first click the option for New. 


Then select Create New File.


You can also choose Create New Directory in the same place. 

From file manager you can change the name of files and directories by simply right clicking the empty space next to the file/directory and choosing Rename from the menu that appears.



From file manager you have the option to Upload new files, Move your current files or Copy files from one directory to another.


Using file manager to change permissions is very easy. Simply click on the file or directory you wish to change permissions for and choose Change Permissions.



Copying files or directories is also a very simple task to do in the file manager. You will want to check the box next to the file and/or directory you wish to copy then chose the copy option at the top of your file manager. After the prompt appears you’ll want to type in the name of the directory you want to copy the file/directory to.



This same process is repeated should you want to move a file or directory from one location to another.

If you need to delete a file or folder with in your domains content folder, you will want to check the box next to the file or folder you wish to delete and click the remove option.

Within file manager there is the ability to edit any text files that reside on your server. Once you’ve identified which file you wish to edit, right click and select Edit in HTML Editor or Edit in Text Editor. Either option available to you will work when editing your sites files.



If your editing in the HTML editor your screen is going to look like next image below. When done select the Save option on the bottom of the screen.



Same thing with the Text Editor. Just choose the Save option when you’re done.






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