Upgrading PLESK

In-Place Upgrading of PLESK

NOTE:  During an In-Place upgrade there may be seconds to a few minutes of downtime encountered.  Also, as with any upgrade it is recommended that you back up your data before beginning.

Be aware:

  • Available for Plesk version 10.4.4 and later
  • If your current OS is not supported by the Plesk version you are upgrading to it is not possible to upgrade the OS and then the Plesk.
  • Can be done to a number of Plesk servers.
  • All custom configurations are preserved on system services. Third-party services and Plesk extensions remain intact.
  • Issues (as an example, hardware failure) that occur during in-place upgrade may result in Plesk inoperability.

You will be prompted by the wizard  to enter various settings such as which Plesk version, select the components that you want upgraded, etc. You can start an upgrade directly from Plesk..

It is recommended that you have Plesk notify you when upgrades are available. After you select the release you want in Tools & Settings > Update and Upgrade Settings,Upgrade15b



Select the settings and Plesk will check for upgrades once a day. When an upgrade for selected release is available, Plesk will notify you on the Home > System Overview.


Upgrade from the Plesk GUI (Plesk 10 and later)

You can upgrade directly from Plesk in Tools & Settings > Updates and Upgrades.Upgrade15a


You will first be told if there are any updates available. Upgrade25

Select the “Install or Upgrade Product”Upgrade25a

You will see the upgrades available and select “Continue” or if you wish you may select “Continue” and the upgrade will begin.Upgrade30

Select “Continue” and the upgrade will begin.


You may also select “Update Components” Upgrade25b

And you will see the components to selectUpgrade35


Once you have selected the components you wish to upgrade, select “Continue”Upgrade40

Upon selecting ”Continue” Plesk will automatically upgrade the selected components.







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