Upgrading cPanel to Stable Version

This article details how to updating your cPanel installation to the recommended current build, which at the time of this writing is 11.48.  We’ll also cover the things you need to consider if you’re upgrading from older versions.

To get started, you’ll need to log into your server’s WHM control panel.

Before you begin, make sure you have backups of all of your content, and confirm that your server has plenty of disk space available for the upgrade. If you’re upgrading to 11.48 the upgrade script will handle this step for you.  You need at least 5GB of disk space available for the upgrade.

whm splash page


Locate “Update Preferences” under the “Server Configuration” section.


Confirm that the cPanel/WHM version that appears beside the “STABLE” selection is the version that you intend to upgrade to.  It’s also a good idea to confirm your “Operating System Package” and “SpamAssassin Rules” update settings.


update prefs 11.48 selected

Locate “Upgrade to Latest Version” under the “cPanel” section of the main menu, then click the “Click to Upgrade” button.

*IMPORTANT* Make sure you don’t close the window or lose internet during this process or the upgrade could break, which could require a  restart of the process, or could also corrupt the installation.

upgrade to latest version

Upgrading from cPanel versions 11.4 and older

Before you tell your server that you want to upgrade beyond 11.44, you need to make sure it is ready for the upgrade. In 11.46 cPanel removed support for Microsoft Frontpage extensions, so you’ll have to uninstall them to proceed with the upgrade.  To do this, navigate to Uninstall FrontPage Extensions via the search bar at the top-left of WHM. Once here, you’ll select the box named “Uninstall Microsoft® FrontPage Extensions.” and then hit Uninstall. Frontpage must be entirely gone in order to continue the upgrade process.

This process can take some time, so be patient while it does its work. Make sure you don’t close the window or lose internet during this process or the upgrade could break and you’ll have to restart the process, or worse, the server may suffer damage. Be sure to just let it run quietly on its own!

remove frontpage

There’s just one last thing you’ll need to check: your PHP version. If you require PHP 5.2, you’ll need to do a little more work, since the upgrade to 11.48 automatically installs PHP 5.3. Luckily, cPanel has a custom module for Apache to allow you to shift back to PHP 5.2 For details on this process, and to download the module, please see this page: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/EA/Custom+Modules Once you’ve done this, you can follow the upgrade steps outlined above.

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