Updating Nameservers for domains registered at Bluehost

If you are hosting your domain name with our company but registered it at Bluehost, you can log into their control panel and direct your nameservers back to our services. Inside Bluehost, you update all nameservers in the Domain Managers section of their control panel. Please remember that all nameserver changes can take up to 72 hours to propagate.

Before you begin, please make sure that you check out the article explaining how to look up your nameservers with your IXWebhosting account here.

1. Login to the Bluehost Control Panel.

2. In the main menu, click on the “Domain” tab located at the top of the account window.bluehost-dns-1

3. From the list of domain names, select the domain name you are updating. To select the domain, place a check mark next to it. After the box is marked, the right side will populate with information regarding your domain name.bluehost-dns-2

4. After you have selected the domain, click on the tab labeled “name servers”.bluehost-dns-3

5. Inside the “name servers” tab, scroll down and choose the option to “Use Custom Nameservers”.bluehost-dns-4

6. In the “Use Custom Nameservers” section, enter the nameserver information provided to you by our company.

7. After you have inserted your custom nameservers, click on the “Save Nameserver Settings” button to save and finish updating your domain nameserver changes.

Please remember to allow 24-72 hours for DNS propagation of your nameservers to propagate fully.

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