Updating My Billing Profile

A billing profile holds your set of payment information on file. You can create and manage a separate billing profile (including name, email address, and credit card information) for each individual product, hosting account(s), domain name(s), or etc. To correctly find your billing profiles look below:

1. Login to your control panel at my.ixwebhosting.com, Click on ‘My Profile’ along the top


2. Click on ‘Billing Information’ to the left of your profile picture, if you do not have one set up you can put one here at any time.


3. On this next screen, you will see the billing profiles on your account. Here you can assign products to the profile, edit, and check the purchase history on the profile of your choice.

What information is stored in a billing profile?

Each billing profile can be thought of as a separate credit card or credit card holder, and contains the following information: credit card information, billing address, contact information, and profile balance.

Can I pay for one product with one credit card and pay for a second product with a different credit card?

Yes! This is one of the purposes of the billing profile system – to allow multiple products to be purchased and renewed with different sets of credit card information.

How are billing profiles beneficial to service resellers?

Resellers can take advantage of the new billing profile system and have our system directly bill their clients by simply creating a billing profile and assigning that client’s products to the profile.

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