Terms of Service – Fair use of disk space (Mail, MySQL, MSSQL)

Our shared hosting plans are often chosen by customers who are just beginning their online endeavors. However, for a growing business, shared hosting has a certain number of limitations so it is important to be aware of these limitations before choosing this method of website hosting. The limitations of the shared hosting plans can be found on our technical specs page:

Once the issue with the over usage of space occurs the user should recheck the content (mail, MySQL or MSSQL) and remove that part of it which has caused the overage. Please note that due to the nature of the shared hosting environment we cannot allow off site storage of electronic files, or as a provisioning service for third party email or FTP hosts. The content on the web server should be web accessible and used by hosted domains.

In order to access your content you may use a local FTP client or File Manager available on the control panel.


MySQL and MSSQL Databases can be optimized or deleted through the control panel in “MySQL/MSSQL Server” area. In addition, the transaction logs can be truncated for MSSQL databases in order to free space on the MSSQL server.

As for the mail content – you may download your mails to the local mail client using POP3 connection with “Leave copy on server” option disabled. This will take all emails to the local computer and erase it from the mail server. As the alternative you can delete them through Horde – our webmail client.

How to avoid:
In order to avoid such unpleasant situations you may set quotas on the control panel for content, databases and emails.

In order to set quota for content you need to access control panel and click on “FTP Manager”.


You will find “Quota” section


and small paper/pen edit icon next to it.


The quota for databases can be enabled in “MySQL Server or MSSQL Server” on the control panel. For this you will need to access MySQL Server or MSSQL Server and click on the database name. In the list of database details you will find “Quota” and edit icon.


Click on the database name. In the list of database details you will find “Quota” and edit icon.


The quota for emails can be set through the control panel as well. For this you need to access e-mail section of your control panel and click on “2000 MB” default quota link.




****Please Note: You may set your mail client with “Keep copy on server option” disabled:

For Thunderbird when using POP3 account – go to Tools -> Account Settings -> Server Settings for the account -> “Leave Messages on the server” option.

For Outlook – Under Internet E-mail Settings -> Advanced Tab -> “Leave a copy of the messages on the server”

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