Terms of Service – File Storage – Explained

File Storage means that your account has been found to contain material that appears to be file storage, which is a violation of our Terms of Service. As per the terms of service, all files stored on our servers must be web accessible, related to your site, and backups stored on the server are not allowed. Backups, bulk media, and other stored content should be kept on your local computer or storage device.

 If you have not removed the content within 2 days since “ToS–File Storage” ticket was created, your account will be suspended and content will be deleted soon after. If you receive additional tickets for file storage, we will have to take further action and may permanently suspend service to your account to prevent further disruption to other customers on the server.

 How to resolve?

  •  Remove File Storage content from your account.
  • Download File Storage content to your local computer or storage device.

  • Download file storage to a cloud service that provides data storage such as Amazon S3. You can see more information here: https://aws.amazon.com/s3/

We do offer cloud hosting packages where you can store as many files and content as you need. Details can be found under our IX Webhosting brand: http://www.ixwebhosting.com/cloud-hosting and https://www.cloudbyix.com/features. Also, we have an excellent Website Moving Service that may help you with content migration to your Cloud server.

 How to prevent?

Do not keep backups, bulk media and other content which is not web accessible under your shared hosting plan.

There are many other services on the web that are specifically for storing data, however our service is specific to web hosting, so if everything that is being stored on your web server is related to your website it shouldn’t ever become an issue.

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