Terms of Service – File Count

To allow our customers the best up-time guarantee we possibly can, we have a cap placed on our shared servers that limit the number of individual files allowed hosted in each account. The numbers are different based on the server operating system. The file limit for each server is as follows:


linux file limitWindows File Limit

In accordance with our “Fair-Use” resource assignment inside our Terms of Service we have steps in place our company will take if any of our customers reach these file count limits.

Step 1: Once our System Admin team are alerted about an account being over the file limit our team contacts the customer through our ticketing system and asked them to remove as many files as needed to be below the limit. As a customer we provide you 2 days to complete the process. To resolve the issue during Step 1, account owners are able to use FTP (recommended) or manually through the Web Shell delete files from the server.

Step 2: If the file count is not below server limits after 2 days our team will suspend your account. If you find yourself at this point you will have to contact our support team to unblock your account after you have removed files from the server.

Step 3: If a client has not contacted within 2 days of the account being suspended our system admin team will remove files from the server to bring it back into acceptable server levels. On Linux servers when your account is at the max of 300,000 files you will not be able to add or update any files on your server until the amount of files have been reduced.

Please remember that all files hosted on our server have to be web accessible and related to your websites. All backups and files should be downloaded from your server to your local computers or server backup systems. If you find yourself needing more space on your server then this file limit will allow our Cloud services do not contain any limit on the amount of files placed on the server. If you would like more information on our Cloud services please feel free to review our cloud services at Cloud by IX.

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