SSL Certificate FAQ

What is an SSL?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) is a standard for transmitting confidential data such as credit card, personal, or any manner of private information over the Internet. Because this is the standard minimum security level for transmitting private data, most true business sites support this feature.

SSLs work by using a private key and public key to encrypt data before it is transmitted. Once the destination receives the encrypted data, the matching key decrypts the transmission. If you are going to transmit sensitive information via a webpage it should be protected. Using an SSL provides protection for you and most importantly, your customer.

What is the difference between a shared and dedicated SSL?

A shared SSL serves the same purpose as a dedicated SSL, which is the secure transmission of private data between the visitor and the server. The major difference is a single certificate is used for multiple websites, and the URL of secure pages will display differently from the domain name. The domain URL will look similar to a sub-domain of * (i.e. Shared SSL connections are still secure, but may not look  presentable for a serious business. Dedicated SSLs will still display the domain name, but a page or domain that is protected by a dedicated SSL will display the lock icon to the left of the URL.


What are the benefits of an Ecommerce SSL Certificate?

  • 2048 bit encryption
  • Trusted by ALL popular browsers
  • Works for both www and non-www version of your domain
  • Automatic installation (we install and configure it for you)
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Works on Windows and Linux servers
  • Certificates can be migrated to another provider (certificate files are available to you upon request)

Can I put a “This site is secure” seal on my pages?

Yes, these seals are available from Comodo, our SSL provider, HERE

Where Can I get an SSL?

SSLs can be purchased with us here at IX webhosting and based on your request we will also install the SSL on your domain or page of choice. If purchasing an SSL is not in your budget, we do offer shared SSLs that can be used on your domains as well. To purchase an SSL follow these simple steps or click HERE:

1. Log into your IX webhosting account
2. On the home page, scroll down until you see Adding Additional Products
3. Click on SSL Certificate


4. Follow the prompts
5. Submit your order!

 Note: You need an active hosting account to order an SSL, and your domain should have a dedicated IP address for the SSL to function properly.


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