SiteLock Services

We have partnered with the security company SiteLock to provide our customers a comprehensive website security tool. Sitelock features include:

Malware & Vulerability Scanning

SiteLock scans over 12 million web pages daily for malware & vulnerabilities and alerts the users immediately to the threat.

Automated Malware Removal

Each level of SiteLock (SiteLock Smart, Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool) performs deep scans of website source code to detect and automatically repair website malware from the inside-out, to go beyond simple surface scans.

Web Application Firewall

SiteLock TrueShield protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests. A simple setup will keep your website safe and secure.

  1. Log in to manage panel at

  2. Click ‘My Products’

  3. Click ‘My Add-ons’

  4. Click ‘Add to account ’ opposite SiteLock Basic and proceed.

When considering SiteLock, please remember that each  SiteLock product only covers 1 domain name and/or  1 subdomain. If you are needing more domains and/or subdomains you will have to purchase additional SiteLock products.

To place your order for SiteLock, click Here

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