Site Builder – Adding Files

How to Upload and Add Images:

When a new site is being created all sorts of images and videos get added to the website in the beginning stages, but at a later date more videos may need to be added or new images updated. Using the Site Builder tool makes adding these images and videos extremely easy. Outlined below are some very easy to follow steps to accomplish getting the new material to the website.

1. Click on the Widgets tab
2. Select Popular in the list below the Site tab

3. Single click and drag the Picture widget to the section of the page you wish to add the image to. It should look similar to the following:

4. Click Upload New Image. Click Browse Uploaded Images if the images have already been uploaded

5. Choose the image to be put on the page

Once the progression box for the image upload has disappeared, the new image will show on the page. If there is an image that will be part of the site but not yet in use, adding this image can be accomplished without adding the image to the page of choice.

1. The first step is to navigate to and click on the Site tab
2. Below, there will be four options to select from, click on Content
3. To the right of content will be displayed a folder icon called File Manager

4. In the pop up box there will be a blue button labeled Upload Files in the bottom left corner

5. Click on this button and select the image of your choice
6. This will put the image in the specified folder for use later
7. Click the small Close button in the bottom right to get back to page editing


In order to add the images stored in a folder within Site Builder, refer to the steps outlined in the beginning of the guide to get them on the destination page.

 How to Add a YouTube Video:

Adding a YouTube video to your Site Builder domain is not hard at all. Please keep in mind these videos do need to be uploaded to YouTube already

1. To start off, click the Widgets tab
2. In the sub menu below Site, Popular should be pre-selected
3. To the far right there should be an image of the YouTube symbol and it will be named YouTube Video

4. Single click and drag this widget to its place on the web page

5. A box will pop up asking for text to be entered into the search box or a link to the video can be entered

6. Once this information has been added, there will be an option to edit the video margins (these margins will affect how the video is displayed on the page)


7. If no change is needed or changes have been made to the margins click save and the video will display on the web page

Once all the images, text, and videos have been added to the page, click the Save button in the top right corner and your page edits are complete!

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