Services And Features FAQ

1. What is Web Space?

This indicates the amount of disk space that will be available to you on the server to hold your web site files.

2. What is Data Transfer / Bandwidth?

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data that is allowed to be transfered to and from our servers. Our plans are designed to have more than enough bandwidth than a normal website would need so that you do not need to be concerned about running out of bandwidth or ‘overage charges’ that other web hosting companies charge.

If you are still concerned about the bandwidth limits, consider this, if this page were viewed by 50,000 visitors, it would only use .024GB of your bandwidth. Clearly, this means that you will never have to worry about running out of bandwidth again as all of our plans are designed specifically to accommodate your needs.

Rest easy knowing that at IX Web Hosting, bandwidth concerns and ‘overage charges’ are a thing of the past.

3. What is the difference between Linux and Windows accounts?

Deciding which plan and platform is right for you is often a difficult decision. We hope this explanation can help you in choosing the correct hosting platform for your website. We offer a choice between Windows-based and Linux-based web hosting platforms. While both are very reliable and widely used platforms, each has their specific advantages.

Windows hosting is often mistaken as a “must pick” only because the operating system you are running may be Windows. In fact, the majority of all websites on the Internet are hosted on the Linux platform, so most websites you have been visiting are likely to be hosted on Linux servers.

If you have Windows on your computer, you can still manage a website hosted on a Linux platform and also browse any website hosted on a Linux platform. You only need Windows-based hosting if you need Microsoft-specific applications, such as ASP, ASP.Net, Coldfusion, MSSQL Server or MS Access databases.

If you do not need any of these Microsoft-specific applications – or if you don’t even know what they are, then the better choice will always be to host your website on a Linux server. Linux servers host the majority of all websites on the Internet and will provide you with highly reliable hosting services. For more details, please visit our Linux Hosting Plans.

If you are absolutely certain that your website requires Microsoft-specific applications, such as ASP, ASP.Net, Coldfusion, MSSQL Server or MS Access – please visit our Windows Hosting Plans.

4. Do you offer dedicated server hosting or VPS?

In addition to our shared hosting products, we also offer Virtual Private Servers and Cloud hosting. Virtual Private Servers are typically more affordable than dedicated hosting options, and will provide more dedicated resources than shared hosting.

Our enterprise-class Cloud Servers provide the best hosting solution for platform reliability, resource scalability, disaster recovery, and reduction in hardware expenses.

You can find more information on Cloud Hosting within the article Cloud vs. Shared Hosting.

5. Do you offer any hosting plan for resellers?

We do not specifically offer hosting for resellers, but you can split your account among clients as you like. If that option doesn’t fit your ends we recommend you review our Affiliate program to see if its a better fit for you.

6. Do you offer any custom hosting packages?

All plan features are pre-defined and can only be extended with account upgrade. Upgrades are immediate and do not affect your hosting. If you are needing services customized to fit your needs we recommend that you review our Cloud services.

7. How can I make a payment?

We accept these major credit cards – Visa, American Express, Discover and MasterCard. Since credit card transactions are immediate and fully controlled by the credit card owner, you can perform immediate signups, upgrades, downgrades, receive refunds and choose which card should be billed at any time. We also offer Paypal as a payment option.

8. Do you support ASP?

ASP and ASP.NET v1.1, v2.0 and v3.5 and 4.0 are fully supported on any of our shared Windows hosting platforms.

9. Do you support PERL?

PERL is fully supported with both Linux and Windows hosting platforms. The majority of existing CGI programs (generally perl scripts) that are available on the Internet have been developed on UNIX platforms and hence tend to install and operate much more smoothly under UNIX/Linux. For more information on PERL please review the article PEARL

10. Do you support PHP?

We support both PHP 4 and PHP 5, a scripting language similar to HTML. Using PHP, you can track and authenticate users, serve up XML pages, add additional functionality to forms, and much more. This feature is supported by all Linux and Windows hosting solutions and if you need more information on PHP please review the article What is PHP.

11. What PHP Settings can I change?

While all configurations in the default file should suite most of your web applications, some will need to be changed to meet the requirements of your web applications. To understand which PHP settings affect your web applications and what effect changing them might have, or what reasonable limits may be on the ones you may wish to change, you can check out the article Understanding options within your PHP.ini.

12. Do you support Macromedia Shockwave and Flash?

These Multimedia utilities are fully supported by any of our hosting plans. All Flash and Shockwave technologies are supported so you can feel comfortable when you host Flash and Shockwave movies. Even if the complete websites are designed in Flash it will run perfectly on our servers.

13. Do you support SQL databases?

Mysql and PostgreSQL server are fully supported by both our Linux and Windows hosting plans. MySQL is the world’s most popular Open Source Database, designed for speed, power and precision in mission critical, heavy load use. Its software architecture makes it extremely fast and easy to customize. If you have questions regarding how to setup a MySQL database review the article How to create a MySQL database.

Owners of Windows platform plans can also host MSSQL databases – a comprehensive database software platform providing enterprise-class data management. It enables you to build and manage extensive, well-performing database software applications that you and your visitors can use to take your business to the next level. For more information on how to setup a MSSQL database review the article How to setup a MSSQL database.

14. Do you support SSL?

Yes we do support SSL. With an SSL certificate you can have a secure encrypted website. You can either purchase your own from any SSL provider or use a shared certificate provided by us. We also have SSL certificates for purchase, which can be accessed by clicking here or navigating to My Products > My Add-Ons > Ecommerce SSL with in your account.

For more information on our SSL Certificate visit the article What is SSL?

The SSL security protocol provides data encryption, server authentication, message integrity, and optional client authentication for a TCP/IP connection. Because SSL is built into all major browsers and web servers, simply installing a digital certificate turns on their SSL capabilities. Detailed information on how to create certificate requests and how to install certificates can be found within the article How to setup a SSL.

15. Do you provide website traffic statistics?

Yes, you will have the industry-standard traffic analyzers Webalizer and ModLogAn. To access your build statistics please review the article Webalizer and Modlogan. Additionally, you can install and use well-known tools such as AwStats, Abacre Advanced Log Analyzer, Google Analytics and many others.

16. What are your DNS servers?

Please note that you will have to use the nameservers associated with the control panel you are hosted on. Each control panel has two configured nameservers. In order to confirm which nameservers you should use please refer to the email sent to you at the time of your account creation.

Alternatively, you can also check the nameservers once logged in to your control panel. If your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit the article here. Once logged into the hosting control panel click on “Domains”. Then on “Edit” next to your domain name. The page that loads will show the correct nameserver information.

Our nameserver adresses are as follows:

Control Panel: Name: IP Address: Name: IP Address:

17. Can I host an on-line store?

Yes, we offer osCommerce shopping cart pre-installed – Open Source based online shop e-commerce solution. It features a rich set of out-of-the-box online shopping cart functionality that allows store owners to setup, run, and maintain their online stores with minimum effort and with no limitations. osCommerce has attracted a large community consisting of over 134,400 store owners and developers worldwide. Add-ons are being contributed on a daily basis, with over 3,900 add-ons available to date. These add-ons are created by the community to extend the features it offers. osCommerce is a PHP based software that uses a MySQL database server backend. With no special requirements, it is able to run on any of our Linux or Windows hosting plans.

There are also many other available open source and paid shopping carts available that are compatible with our hosting plans.

18. Can I accept payments on-line on my site?

Yes, without any limitations. You can signup with our Merchant Account and accept credit cards payments directly from your website.

19. Do you support SFTP or SMTP over SSL?

These features are not supported at the moment.

20. Do you have CRON support?

Yes, CRON is fully supported and manageable through convenient control panel interface on any of our Linux hosting accounts.

21. Can I install custom COM objects?

If you have Windows platform account, you may need to install COM (ActiveX) components to serve various functionality required on your website. To request installation, just submit ticket via helpdesk interface; required information is component name, download site and licensing details. Your request will be reviewed and module will be tested for compatibility, security and reliability.

22. Can I install custom PERL module?

If you need to install PERL module to serve various functionality required on your website please contact our support team and your request will be reviewed and module will be tested for compatibility, security and reliability.

23. Can I install PHP PEAR module?

PHP PEAR module is just a set of PHP includes. You can download it from PEAR repository, extract from archive and upload to the place where your site application can locate it.

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