Restore a MSSQL database

You can restore a database to a previously backed up version of itself. Connect to your server via RDP. You’ll need the server’s IP address, your admin username, and the password to the login.


 Find SQL Server Management Studio in the Start menu, then right-click on it run as administrator.


Once the pop up box appears, you will be asked to log into the database server. The default settings are usually fine.


 Navigate to the database you would like to restore, right-click on it, then select Tasks > Restore > Database.


Your default source may be set to Database, which will contain backups placed in SQL Management studios’ backup folder.


If you want to restore from a back that exists elsewhere on the server, you can select the Device option. After choosing Device, you will need to add the database file to the restore list by browsing to it’s location on the server.

SQLStudio_RestoreNav2File_markedWhen you restore from a device, you will need to overwrite the original data on the Options page.


You can click “OK” to start the restore process to rollback your database.

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