Plesk Licensing


Having first created your server and getting logged in you might notice that you can’t do anything. You won’t be able to add a new subscription, reseller accounts, nor can you create customer accounts. This is a very easy fix. After first spinning up your Plesk server and logging in you’ll be taken to the Parallels End-User License Agreement page. Be sure to read through the documentation thoroughly and click the ‘I agree to the terms of this license agreement’ radio button, then click ‘Accept’.

On the following page fill out the requested information. You will be asked to enter a hostname used for the server, select your default IP address, select your shared IP address, and also change the Administrator password. Now select the type of view you will be using. From here you will now need to enter in all of the Administrator information. The final screen will give you information about the license for the server. The screen will look similar to the following:

licensingBecause your server was just created and you are not directly given a key, you will need to retrieve the key that was ordered when the server was created. Go ahead and click on ‘Retrieve Keys’. After the server does what it needs, you will be prompted with information about the key your server now has. After clicking ‘OK’, you can then add your first domain to the server and proceed with your configurations from there.

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