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If you’ve chosen a Windows platform then more than likely Plesk was also installed onto the server as the control panel. Plesk itself can be a little intimidating at first but once you’ve gotten used to the navigation and how it works, its very simple to manage. We’ll start with the basics and adding a domain or subscription, as it’s called in the Plesk world. When you first log into your server you will be taken to a page that looks like the following image:

pleskNow based on the type of back-end OS you’re running the login username is going to vary. This information will have been shown to you when you created the server. If you’ve forgotten or did not write down the information required to log into the server, you can submit a help desk ticket requesting the login password be changed. For now go ahead and login to the server to be taken to the default login screen:

plesk1On this screen you’ll get a general overview of the server as a whole. If there hasn’t been a migration done to get your domains on the control panel you shouldn’t see any subscriptions here. Subscriptions is the world you’ll see that replaces domains when using Plesk. On the left pane look for the word ‘Subscriptions’.

plesk2You will be taken to another screen when you will need to click the ‘Add New Subscription’ button.

plesk3After successfully adding filling out all the necessary information on the following screen. You will be taken back out to the subscription screen and the domain will show in your list. It will look similar to the following screenshot:

plesk5From here you will want to set the domain parameters. What this means, is you will want to set the domain to have a certain amount of disk space, a specific number of mailboxes, allow for an unlimited amount of traffic, and so on. To view these details, click on the domain then select ‘Customize’.



In the image above you can see the list of available options to edit. Keep in mind that any changes to these settings will affect the overall domain functionality and other domains on the server!!! Most of the time setting setting disk space, mailboxes, mailbox size, and traffic to unlimited will not harm the domain. Once the settings you want are in place, go ahead and click the ‘Updated & Lock’ button. After the update completes you will be taken back to the domain overview screen. If you require additional advanced settings click on the ‘Websites & Domains’ tab across the top of the screen. Towards the bottom middle of the screen you should find a small arrow pointing down. If you click on this arrow a small menu will show itself below with some more advanced options. In this menu the most important for those that will need to know is the ‘File Manager’. By clicking on the File Manager icon you will be taken a directory structure to edit files manually if need be. All web facing content should go into the httpdocs folder. This is how your site is seen on the internet.

For now that completes adding a domain to the Plesk control panel.

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