Merchant Gateway Modules in WHMCS

WHMCS can configure Payment gateways inside the menu Setup > Payment Gateways. Each merchant gateway has a specific API requirement to process transactions. The API requirement for each gateway varies from the gateway to gateway. Even though each gateway varies in their required API requirement, they all have a set of three core options. The three options listed in each merchant gateway are as follows:

  • Show on Order Form - Checking this box inside WHMCS means it can be indicated on the order form as an option. This option is subject to gateway restrictions based on the product groups.
  • Visible Name - The Visible Name is the name that used for each gateway throughout the system and shown to clients on their credit card statements.
  • Convert To For Processing - This option is used for multiple currencies. The majority of portals allow you to process payments in different currencies. If your gateway does not offer the ability to handle multiple currencies, you can choose a currency for WHMCS to convert to before sending to your merchant processor.

WHMCS Supported Gateway Modules

Below is a list of all the payment gateways that are inside WHMCS by default. Each Merchant Gateway stores credit card information securely inside the WHMCS database while the Third Party Gateways automatically push the client to the provider’s website to process all payments off of your site. A happy medium for repeat billing is the Tokenization Gateway. Each Tokenization Gateway stores the original transaction details or a reference number instead of the full credit card number. This format reduces the PCI liabilities for your company.

If you decide to use the tokenization gateway, your client will have to pay their invoice manually using their credit card. After they add their credit card details to the order, their information is sent to the merchant provider and a profile is created inside their system. After the transaction takes place, a verification token is sent to WHMCS for confirmation and storing inside the system database. This token is used by WHMCS to manage the credit card request inside the client area and any payments that may be recurring.

Please remember that the type of payment gateway selected inside WHMCS influences which email notification template it sent. Third Party Gateways send the “Invoice Created” email template for any transactions placed while merchant and tokenization gateways send the “Credit Card Invoice Created” email template instead. The different email templates allow you to customize the payment instructions to clients based on the different payment processing services.

Inside the invoice page, the Attempt Capture button is also influenced by the type of payment gateway. If you are using a Third Party Gateway, the button is deactivated because the client needs to click the payment button on their invoice to send payment to you. For all Merchant Gateways and Tokenization Gateways, the Attempt Capture button is active, and your staff can click the Attempt Capture button to obtain your client’s payment from their credit card.

Merchant Gateways
Tokenization Gateways
Third Party Gateways

Deactivating Gateway Modules

To deactivate a gateway module that you longer wish to use click on the red Deactivate link next to the name to remove it. By eliminating the gateway, this will stop any further payments being made through the deactivated portal.

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