Managing Backups (Plesk)

Backups can be created at any time as long as you have the required disk space. The amount of disk space and time required to backup your content will vary depending on how large, in volume, the data is.

You should check the disk space before continuing by clicking ‘Tools & Settings in the left navigation after logging into Plesk.


Look for the section labeled ‘Server Management’ and click ‘Server Information’. You will find various details of the server including disk space.Capture66456

You also need to check the volume of data you will actually be backup. Once you have verified that you have enough space, click ‘Tools & Settings’ again on the left navigation pane then look for the section labeled ‘Tools & Resources’.

Now click the ‘Backup Manager’ link. You will notice there is also a link for ‘Backup Settings’ right below Backup Manager. The Backup Settings page allows you to change a few global backup configuration settings that should generally remain unchanged.


The Backup Manager page will display any backups that currently exist on the server or on a remote FTP server. Tasks waiting to run will also be displayed on this page. From this screen you start a backup immediately or setup scheduled backups.


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