Turning On/Off Web and Mail Services

You can turn web and mail services on or off from your account control panel.

WARNING: Please ensure that you have made a backup of all web content before proceeding. When turning OFF web services for a domain, you will be prompted first the following “You are about to disable Hosting. All your related data will be lost”. Once agreed, you will proceed to the next step of what you would like removed. The options for this are the domain folder, log files, or both. Once the options are selected and you press submit, the services will be disabled and content removed. In part of turning off web services, the same goes for mail. Once turning off the mail service, all mail accounts and mail content will be removed. There are no backups unfortunately for this.

To turn on/off web or mail services:

  • From the control panel click the “Domains” icon.
  • Find the domain from the list and click on the domain name.
  • You can click the on/off button beside web or mail service to enable/disable it.


  • Clicking the edit buttons for either service will let you configure the options for that specific service and domain.

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