How to Transfer Domains From Network Solutions

This video will provide instructions on how to transfer your domain to IX Web Hosting from Network Solutions.

  1. Log into your Network Solutions account
  2. Under services click ‘Manage it’ next to your domains
  3. Make sure that ‘Private registration status’ is turned ‘Off’
  4. On the left click ‘User profile’ and verify that the email address is valid.
  5. Again on the left click ‘View/edit whois contacts’
  6. Select your domain and click ‘Go’
  7. Then choose ‘WHOIS Administrative Contact’ and click ‘Go’
  8. Choose ‘Yourself’ and then click continue.
  9. Click ‘Manage it’ next to your domain.
  10. ‘Domain Protect’ should be turned off click ‘Turn off or request authorization code’ button
  11. Click ‘Leave domain protect off’ and check ‘Request authorization code’ then ‘save’
  12. With this auth code you can then log into your IX Web Hosting account and transfer the domain.

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