How to Specify Custom Directory Indexes

Setting up a directory index within your Site Settings tab allows you the ability as the user to decide which specific web page you would like to show up as your home page. Within our control panel the default index pages go in the following order:


This is the standard order used online and but with the ability to change your directory you have complete freedom in setting up your home page. To completely understand this you have to think about how your website works within your web browser. When you visit your website the website your browser will automatically look for the file With directory indexing you have the ability to change what page is seen as your homepage at anytime and becomes a huge advantage for online retailers who often change their homepage for ad specific campaigns.

How to setup a custom directory index

  • Within your hosting control panel click on the square icon that says Web Options. (if your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit here)
  • From within the web options screen you want to scroll down and in the row titled “Directory Indexes” click on the “off” circle to activate directory indexes on your
  • On the next screen a large text box with the heading “Directory Indexes” will appear. In the text box enter the file names you would like to use as your custom directory your website is using multiple file names make sure to add them in descending order of priority. Each different file should be separated by a single space for it to be understood completely by the
  • After you have added to the text box your custom directory indexes click on the “Update” icon below at the bottom of the text
  • After you have clicked on the “Update” icon make sure to click on “Apply” within the “Server Configuration” you have clicked on the “Apply” link the changes will take effect within 15 minutes on our Linux servers. If you are using a Windows server these changes will take effect immediately.

In the future if you need to modify or change these directory indexes in anyway you would need to click on the “Edit” icon and update the text box with your new directory indexes.

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