How to Publish Your Site Using CoffeeCup

direct-ftp_128x128 This article provides instructions on setting up CoffeeCup FTP client. Available for download HERE. Once CoffeeCup is open, click Servers CoffeeCup_1 Click the green ‘+‘ icon to create a new connection CoffeeCup_2 Enter your FTP details as provided to you in an email or in your control panel then click Connect: CoffeeCup_3 Once connected, your screen will display your local files (Local Site) on the left hand side and files already on the server to the right (Remote Site) CoffeeCup_4 Open the Web directory from the Remote Site and simply select the files you wish to upload from the Local Site. Once you have selected your files, click the Upload button.


Alternatively you can simply ‘drag and drop’ your files from left to right CoffeeCup_6

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