How to Log into phpMyAdmin from within your control panel

PhpMyAdmin is a great tool that allows you to edit the database from your local browser. Within your control panel you have the ability to launch right into phpMyAdmin without needing your username and password to access it.

How to log into phpMyAdmin from the control panel

  • Once you are in your hosting control panel click in the “Databases” row click on the icon labeled “phpMyAdmin”. If your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit the article here.log into phpmyadin-001
  • Within the database user selection window click on the “Launch” icon associated with the user for the database you are looking to gain access to.log into phpmyadin-002After you click on the “Launch” icon you will taken into phpMyAdmin.phpMyAdmin
  • PhpMyAdmin provides you with several options right away, but to review your database you would need select the specific database you are looking to modify. On the left of phpMyAdmin screen you need to select the database name you are looking to work with.log into phpmyadin-003After you have selected your database the options below the database name will expand and within the main section of the screen you will see the different tables that make up your database.phpmyadmin - selected database
    Please remember whatever changes you make to your database are live changes and it is recommend that you backup your database before making any needed changes. If you are unsure on how to back your database please review the article How to backup a database using phpMyAdmin

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