How to Install Zen Cart Using the EasyApps Collection

Within the EasyApps collection you have the ability to install the online store content management system known as Zen Cart. Installing Zen Cart is easy to do but there are several steps that need to be taken to setup your online shopping cart.

Please remember that the version of Zen Cart installed within the control panel may not be the most current version. After you have completed installing Zen Cart from within the EasyApps collection it is recommended that you review for updating assistance.

How to install Zen cart from within the EasyApps collection

  • Within your hosting control panel click on the EasyApps collection within the “WebServer” row. If your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit the article here.zencart-001
  • After selecting the “EasyApps Collection” icon you will be directed to the EasyApps installation window where you can choose the application you wish to install. Scroll down the page and select the text link labeled “Zen Cart”.zencart-013
  • Under the Zen Cart installation window click on the “Install” located below the displayed Zen Cart installation details.zencart-002
  • To complete the Zen Cart installation you will need to provide first the domain you wish to install Zen Cart to. If you have multiple domains hosted within your account you will have to select the domain from within the drop down list in the “Domain” selection.
  • After selecting the domain you wish to install Zen Cart on you will have to select the correct directory path. The directory path cannot be the root of your domain but must be listed within a folder in your domain. Proper formatting would need to be “/(name)”. If the “/” is not listed your control panel will display a red “!” text to the path text box.zencart-004
  • After inserting the correct path select the user name you wish to use as the admin login for the Zen Cart administration control panel.zencart-014
  • After inserting the Zen Cart administration username add the password you wish to use to log into the control panel.zencart-005
  • Type in the password once again in the confirm password text box.zencart-006
  • After entering and confirming the username and password for Zen Cart administration control panel enter the email address you with Zen Cart to contact you regarding. zencart-007
  • Once you entered all of the correct information and verified that it is all correct check that you agree to the terms of service regarding installing Zen Cart within your account.zencart-008
  • Once all information is completed within the Zen Cart screen and if completed correctly click on the “Submit” icon.zencart-009
  • After clicking on the “submit” icon you will be directed back to the EasyApps screen providing you a link to your Zen Cart. If you follow the link you will be taken directly to the front page of your new Zen Cart online store.zencart-012

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