How to Install Zen Cart Manually

For those of you wanting to create a shopping cart, Zencart may be an option you want to try. On IX Web Hosting there is an EasyApps collection that you can do a one-click installation of Zencart, or for more installation control you can install Zencart manually. To start your manual installation of Zencart follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download and Extract Zencart

To install Zencart download the latest version at their website

Once you have downloaded Zencart files, unzip/extract them using any unzip program ex. 7-zip, then you will upload the files to your website directory using your FTP program, we recommend FileZilla. If you need help understanding how to use Filezillia check out the article How to publish your files using Filezilla.

Step 2: Create the Database

For step 2 you will be required to create a blank MySQL database, if you need help creating a database checkout the article How to create a MySQL database. When you are setting up the database write down the listed information since Zencart will call for it later within the tutorial:

  • Database Name
  • Database Username
  • Database Password
  • Database Host Name

Now to create the database log in to your hosting control panel. If your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit the article here.

  • Select the “MySQL Server” icon under the database menu

MySQL server

  • At the bottom, click “Add Database”
  • Fill in the name you want the database and select “Next”
  • Then you can either grant DBA privileges to an existing user or create a new user and password with DBA privileges
  • Once you have added a user click “Finish”

Step 3: Setting up the Configure.php Files

NOTE: Changing permissions can be done via your FTP program with the chmod feature. Usually clicking right on a directory or filename will open a menu with this option (perhaps under “Properties”)

  • On the server locate the file: /catalog/includes/dist-configure.php 
  • Rename this file to configure.php and change the permissions to 777 (read-write-execute for all)
  • Next, on the server locate the file: /catalog/admin/includes/dist-configure.php 
  • Rename this file to configure.php and change the permissions to 777 (read-write-execute for all)

Step 4: Start the Installer

In your browser, enter the URL to your new shop, and the Installer should automatically start.
Example: - or – to start the installer directly, use:

On System Setup page, Indicate if you want to Enable SSL (the secure pages where required, in Login, Checkout, and optionally Admin areas) on your server.

If you do not have an SSL certificate yet, do not enable this feature now. It can be changed at a later date.

Step 5: After the installation

  • After you have installed Zen Cart make sure to Rename your Admin Folder.
  •  When you enter the Catalog, you will receive security warnings about the configure.php files and the /zc_install directory. You will now want to change the permissions on the configure.php files with chmod 644.
  • Remove the zc_install directory
/catalog/zc_install directory

Congratulations you are now done! Now you are completely able to start uploading your products to your new Zen Cart.

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