How to Initiate a Domain Transfer

Here you can initiate a domain transfer from another hosting company to use quickly and easily from your dashboard. Follow the steps to get your domain transfer started:

1. Login to your dashboard from here

2. From the Dashboard home click on “My Products” along the top of screen:

IX Dashboard

3. Next click on “My Domains” on the left menu: 


4. You should now have a list of sub categories in blue. Click “Transfers”, and this screen will show you the status of any transfers you have in progress and which ones have completed. To initiate a transfer click on the “Start Domain Transfer” button located on the top right of this screen:


You will then see the following screen:


The first step requires you to type in the domain name that you will be transferring, then you will click on the “Start Transfer Process” button. You will then be taken to the next screen that will provide an overview of the transfer. The final step will ask that you assign the domain to a billing profile and enter in the transfer code or “EEP Code”.

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