How to find your PHP.INI file

If you are logged into your control panel you have the option to modify several different options within your PHP.INI file.

How to Find your PHP.INI file

  • Your hosting control panel will have “File Manager” icon that you will click this will take you to view all of your site files. (if your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit here)locate-php-ini-001
  • Within the “File Manager” window click on the domain name you are wanting to open the PHP.INI for.locate-php-ini-002
  • After opening your domain name directory click on folder name “cgi-bin” this is the folder that contains your PHP.INI file.locate-php-ini-003
  • In the “cgi-bin” folder please look for the file titled “php.ini”. The file extension will be listed within the second column. locate-php-ini-004After you have found the “php.ini” file click on the file name within the row to open up file details on right side of the window.locate-php-ini-005
  • On the right side of your screen within the “File Details” window click on the “edit” button located on the bottom row of the windowlocate-php-ini-006You will get a pop up window  and the content of your PHP.INI will display allowing you the ability to edit and modify depending on the need of your website.php.ini information

If you are looking for a specific understanding of the options you have the ability to change and modify visit the article Understanding options within PHP.INI.

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