How to create a Support Department in WHMCS

Inside WHMCS, you have the ability to create Support Departments for category tickets. The action a user has to do to create a support ticket is to choose a department for their support needs. WHMCS can assign different staff members in various departments allowing your team to handle targeted issues provided by your services.

Creating a Support Department in WHMCS

To create a support department, hover over the Setup menu and select “Support” and then click on the “Support Departments” link.creating-a-support-department-in-whmcs-01

Once the Setup menu is visible on your screen, click Add New Department.creating-a-support-department-in-whmcs-02

In creating a support department, you will have to enter the name and description of the department. This will be displayed to any clients contacting you for help. The email address is the email that will be used to notify your clients related any support tickets created. creating-a-support-department-in-whmcs-06

The Clients Only option can be used to define if the support department is able to be used by clients only, requiring them to login, or by members of the general public. creating-a-support-department-in-whmcs-04

The Pipe Replies is the only option that requires that any client wanting to open a new ticket requires the client to login to the customer’s area. Any attempt to open a new ticket via email will not open, but tickets can be responded to through email communication. creating-a-support-department-in-whmcs-05

The auto responder email can be selected to send email responders when a new ticket is opened and whether it’s hidden or visible. Hidden support departments can only be accessed via a direct link to the support department. creating-a-support-department-in-whmcs-06

If you are wanting to send mail out using POP3 services of your server to send out email from WHMCS ticket services, insert your server information in the POP3 Importing Configuration section. creating-a-support-department-in-whmcs-07

After entering all of your support department information, click on “Add New Department” to enable the new department allowing your customers to contact you directly through the WHMCS ticketing system.

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