How to Create a PostgreSQL User Name and Database

In your shared hosting control panel you have the ability to add a PostgreSQL database. There are a lot of great benefits to using a PostgreSQL database and also is needed by several specific applications. Using your control panel with us it’s easy to setup a PostgreSQL. How to setup a PostgreSQL database

  • Click on the “PgSQL Server” icon in the database row in your hosting control panel. If your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit the article here. setup-a-pgsql-database-001
  • Now in the PostgreSQL database window click on the “Add user” icon to create a user for your PostgreSQL database.setup-a-pgsql-database-002
  • In the text box next to username enter the name you wish to give this user.
  • In the rows for password and confirm password enter the password you would like associated with your user name. To make sure the passwords match you should receive a green + to the right of each text box.setup-a-pgsql-database-004
  • Once you have completed all of the needed information on the “Add PostgreSQL user” page click on the “Add” icon.setup-a-pgsql-database-005After you have clicked on the “Add” icon you will be directed to the PostgreSQL database menu screen. Within this screen you have the ability to add a new PostgreSQL database and any additional users.postgreSQL database screen
  • To create a PostgreSQL database to associate with your created user name click on the “Add Database” on the middle of the page.setup-a-pgsql-database-006Once you have clicked on the “Add” icon you will be directed to the PGSQL database creation window. This window will require you to create the actual database name and which username will be associated. 
  • setup-a-pgsql-database-007 You also have the option to add a “Description” to your database. We recommend this so in the future you are able to keep track of which databases go with each of your web sites.
  • Now that you have typed in your database name you want to associate it with a specific username. If you have multiple pgSQL database users in this section you will have to select which user you wish to have associated with the new database.setup-a-pgsql-database-008
  • Verify that you have inserted all the correct information in the window and then click on the “Submit” icon to finish creating the new database.setup-a-pgsql-database-009With the information submitted correctly you have now created the newest PostgreSQL database and information.Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 3.38.31 PM

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