How to Create a MSSQL Database User

Within your Windows hosting account you have the ability to create multiple users to access your different MSSQL databases. You have the ability to create multiple users depending on the need of your developers or if you are needing specific users for each of your websites. Following the steps below will allow you to create a new user for your database.

  • In your hosting control panel in the databases row click on the icon labeled “MSSQL Server”. If your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit the article here.add-mssql-001
  • Scroll down the page and click on the “ADD” icon next to the bold text “Add new MS SQL Login”.add-mssql-005After clicking on the “Add” icon you will taken MS SQL Management panel. Within this panel you will need to enter in your created username and password.add-mssql-007
  • In the Login row text box enter the username you wish to use for your database. add-mssql-006
  • Once you have entered your new user login name into the Login text field click enter the password you wish to have associated with your username.add-mssql-008
  • After entering the password confirm it within the password confirmation text box.add-mssql-009
  • With all of the needed text boxes completed click on the “Submit” icon to save your changes.add-mssql-010

When you click on the “Submit” you will be directed back to the MS SQL screen with the red text on the top of the page informing you that the login has been created successfully.


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