How to Change MySQL Disk Quotas

When using your control panel you have the ability to modify the amount of disk space that can be used for your within your database. Here are the directions on how to change your MySQL database disk quota.

  • In your control panel scroll down and in the section titled “Databases” select “MySQL Server”.  If your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit the article herechange database size 001
  • Within the row that holds the name of the database you wish to modify click on the “edit” icon.change database size 002
  • In the field labeled “Quota” you will see the amount of space currently used and the amount of space you have the ability to use. Please remember this is not the amount you have remaining but the amount your database is currently using.Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 4.29.19 PMThe row right behind the total amount of space allowed for the database click on the icon that looks similar to a sheet of paper with a pen writing on it. change database size 003
  • The database quota screen allows you the ability to change the amount of space allowed by your database. Type in the amount of space (in MB format) that your database is requiring.change database size 004
  • After you have entered in the quota amount that your database is needing click on the submit icon to save the changes.change database size 005

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