How to Change MySQL Database User Permissions

Each user has set permissions depending on the privileges they where granted when the user was first created. Often a database user may grow into needing specific privileges depending on the website and within your control panel you have the ability to modify that at anytime.

How to change a database users permissions

  • In your hosting control panel click in the “Databases” row click on the icon labeled “MySQL Server”.¬†f your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit the article¬†here.add-mysql-user-001
  • Within the MySQL Server screen click on the icon labeled “EDIT” within the row of the database you wish to add the user to.add-mysql-user-002
  • Now in the MySQL database management window look for the row labeled “Database users”. Within this row you will see the list of users currently able to access the database. Click on the “Edit” icon next to the database username you wish to change permissions for.change-database-permissions-001
  • Within the User database privileges window you have the option to select from several different activities that the user may or may not need the ability to do. Currently within our selection our database user only has the ability to read the database information.change-database-permissions-003If you are needing to switch the permissions of your user to “read/write” you would want to select the following sections: Insert, update, select, deletechange-database-permissions-004If you are needing to change the permissions of your user to full DBA everything within this page would need to be selected.change-database-permissions-005
  • After you selected the user permissions you are needing to provide for your database user click on the “Submit” icon at the bottom of your screen.change-database-permissions-006

Once you had the changes and they where applied correctly you will be returned to the MySQL database management window.

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