How to Change a MySQL Database User Password

Have you ever found your website lost in a time vortex and needing of the database password to pull yourself out of disaster? I hope not but it is easy to change it at anytime within your control panel.

How to change your database user password

  • In your hosting control panel click in the “Databases” row click on the icon labeled “MySQL Server”.¬†If your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit the article¬†here.add-mysql-user-001
  • On the MySQL database management window click look for the row labeled “Database users”. In this row you will see the list of users currently able to access the database. To change the database user password click on the icon shaped like a pen and paper.change-mysql-pass-001
  • In the “Change password for…” window you want to enter your new username password in the text field labeled “New user password”.change-mysql-pass-002
  • Below the new password type it again in the “Confirm password” field. If the passwords do not match up it will display a red “!”.change-mysql-pass-003
  • After you have entered the passwords in both fields and you have green “+” signs by teach text field click on the “Change” icon.change-mysql-pass-004

After the password has been changed correctly at the top of the MySQL database management window in red letters the phrase “Password has been changed successfully” will be displayed.

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