How to Add a Custom CNAME Record

Why would I change my CNAME record?

CNAME is an abbreviation for Canonical Name record, but what does this mean? It means that the record is used to map a specified domain address, such as, to another domain location, such as This is helpful to eliminate multiple IP address changes if any future DNS changes are needed and can be helpful in creating a more frequently used address. Many times you will be asked to create a CNAME record to verify domain ownership. There are also cases where you may build your site on another server and that provider may ask you to create a CNAME record to point your domain to the site built with them.

How can I add a custom CNAME record?

The first step is to log onto your control panel. Once you are logged in you will then want to click on the “Domains” icon:       domains You will then see a page listing all of the domains you have added to the control panel. Click on the domain that you need to change your CNAME record for: cpclickdomain Next you will see the “Edit Domain” page. Here there will be an option to edit DNS configuration: editdns After clicking the “EDIT” button you will be taken to a screen that shows you your current DNS settings as well as gives you the option to add custom DNS records. addcname Depending on what you are adding your custom CNAME for you may or may not want to delete the built in CNAME record. If so simply click on the trash can and it’s gone! The default CNAME shown is used for email purposes so if you are not changing editing your DNS for email purposes you may want to leave the built in CNAME intact. cname The above image shows what you will see when you click to add custom CNAME record. If you are changing your CNAME record you will more than likely be provided with the information you need to add this record. The following are brief explanations of what each field is for:

  • Name: Sets the domain name that you want pointed to another established domain location, for example
  • TTL: Sets how many seconds will elapse before the record is refreshed in the DNS cache. If you do not have any specified time, then you can leave the default time.
  • Data: Sets the established domain name, such as, in which you want the ‘Name’ field to point to. It should be something that has an established A Record.
When changing or adding a CNAME record it will take some time to be effective due to propagation. It is possible that the record will not register for up to 72 hours.

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