How to Add a Custom A Record

Why would I change my A record?

Your A record is essentially your websites IP address. You might need to change your A record if you want your site that is built elsewhere to pull up when accessed through your browser. An A record change can also work as a redirect if you are redirecting to a dedicated IP address.

How can I add a custom A record?

The first step is to log onto your control panel.
Once you are logged in you will then want to click on the “Domains” icon:    domains

You will then see a page listing all of the domains you have added to the control panel. Click on the domain that you need to change your A record for: cpclickdomain

Next you will see the “Edit Domain” page. Here there will be an option to edit DNS configuration:


After clicking the “EDIT” button you will be taken to a screen that shows you your current DNS settings as well as gives you the option to add custom DNS records. In order to add a custom A record you must first delete any A records that are currently there:


After deleting the current records and choosing to add custom A record you will then need to insert your new A record information:


Generally if you are simply changing the A record for your site you will leave the name field blank. You may also place an * into this field as a wildcard meaning if someone goes to, or even, they will still be taken to your website. The TTL field defaults to 86400 and should not need to be changed. Finally the data field, this is where you will put the IP address that you want your website to be pointed to.

When changing DNS your site may become unavailable due to propagation. Average down time is around 24-48 hours but can take up to 72 hours to complete in some cases.

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