How to add a Client to WHMCS

WHMCS allows you to create a database of customers that can be billed and charged for services rendered. The steps below will walk you through manually importing your clients and their hosting accounts into WHMCS.

  1. After logging into WHMCS, click on the “Client” menu and then select “Add New Client”.add-client-whmcs-01
  2. Once the “Add new Client” window opens, complete the customer details section. To add a client to WHMCS, their profile requires a minimum inclusion of First & Last Name, Email Address & Password.add-client-whmcs-02
  3. After completing all the customer information, click on the “Add Client” icon to submit the form.add-client-whmcs-03

After the customer is added to WHMCS, you have the ability to add their hosting account information to WHMCS. To add the clients hosting services to WHMCS complete the following steps:

  1. On the client summary page inside WHMCS, click the “Add New Order” in the actions panel. The system will preselect the client, you will have to complete the rest of the form.
  2. Choose the payment gateway that your client is to use to pay their bills.
  3. Choose the product/service and billing cycle that your client will be paying for.
  4. If the product/service comes with a domain name, enter the domain in the box provided. If the domain is registered with you, select the “Register” option and choose any addons the user has for their domain.
  5. Verify that both check boxes for sending an order confirmation and generating an invoice are not checked, so the user is not emailed about the order you are currently adding to WHMCS.
  6. The next step is to set the status of the order drop-down to “Active” and then click on the “Submit” button finishing adding the order to WHMCS. After the information is submitted, the order screen will summarize the order details for your client.
  7. The last step in configuring your client is to go into your products page to set the correct next billing date for your customer. To edit the billing date from the order screen, click on the link in the item column for the order. Clicking on the order link, you to the details screen where you can edit the next payment date of your client.

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