Getting Started with Site Builder

How do I place an Order for Site Builder?

You can either go to or you can log in to your IX Web Hosting account by going to Then you’ll need to log into the dashboard using your username and password. From here you’ll want to go to ‘My Products’ -> ‘My Addons’ -> ‘Choose an Addon’. Then select ‘Site Builder’ from the list of addons to begin the process.

Do I need an FTP account?

Yes, and you will need to fill in the FTP details for the domain when Site Builder is initially activated from the Customer Dashboard to allow the Site Builder to publish to your server. FTP Basics can be found here. If you use Plesk click here. If you use cPanel click here.

How do I launch Site Builder?

After Site Builder has been successfully added to your account you will be able to access it via your dashboard. You can do so by going to ‘My Products’ -> ‘My Addons’ -> ‘Settings’ of Site Builder -> ‘Manage’.



Getting Started

Now that you’re able to launch Site Builder you will need to set up a few options. The first thing you’ll need to do is tell Site Builder what the name of your website will be, as well as your contact information.



After you’ve inserted all the necessary information to get started, you’ll be asked to choose a theme for your website and from that point you’ll be able to start designing your website!

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