General Hosting Policies

What can I expect from IX webhosting?

24/7 Customer Service

What good is a service if you can never get any help when you need it? It can be very frustrating when you need help or have a question for a paid service and you have no means to getting that help or question answered in a timely manner. With IX you have options for getting help or an answer that you need. You can use our chat feature, submit a ticket, or call in 24/7. Yes that means holidays too! We are here to help you in any way that we can and are happy to do so.

99.9% Server Up-time Guarantee

We guarantee that your hosting account will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time of any 12 month hosting period. If we fail, you receive one full free month of hosting service. The above will be honored if the interruption is on our network or servers. There are many reasons why servers appear to be down at times and these could be possible problems with the ISP (your broadband or dialup provider)or defunct routers on a main network responsible for covering a specific area of the world.

Backup Policies

Regular backups of our servers are conducted for disaster recovery purposes. Since the backups are scheduled and overwrite previous backups, we cannot guarantee the backup will contain the exact desired content for every customer. Upon request, we will provide complimentary copies of any backup content available. It is possible that we may not have any backup to provide to you which is why we encourage our customers to regularly backup their content locally and before any major changes.

Internal Network and Server Infrastructure 

Our network infrastructure is powered by CISCO routers and switches. For our main fibre-optic connections we use two Cisco 12,000 routers for fastest packet delivery, efficient and smart routing and for rock-solid stability. As a matter of fact, our CISCO router did not go down for the last 750 days (that’s over 2 years of uninterrupted, constant routing).

The robust exterior-independent design of our data center allows us to serve the needs of our clients regardless of what happens in the outside world. Our facility is climate sealed from the outside and climate controlled from the inside to ensure maximum security against server heat-outages. Even thunderstorms or hurricanes cannot hurt us. They’ve been here, done that, and not a single one of our servers was ever affected.

Are there restrictions on what can be hosted with IX?

There are only a couple of things that we are unable to provide hosting for:

Adult Content: 

We do not tolerate any adult material to be hosted on our servers. If you are not sure weather or not your site qualifies as containing adult content please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding your site. You may submit a help-desk ticket or call in to our call center 24/7.

Live Video or Radio Streaming:

Unfortunately live broadcasting and relaying are not currently supported on our servers.

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