FTP and cPanel

In order to create an FTP account via cPanel you will want to go to the section labeled ‘Files’ and click  the ‘FTP Accounts’ icon:


Once you have selected ‘FTP Accounts’ you will be directed to the page shown below. Here you will be able to create your user login, set a password, directory the user can access, and any quota limitations for that user.


In the example shown, you will see the user created yourftpuser@support4you.com. This is the full username you will want to place in the FTP client in order to connect to the server.

Next you will see currently the ‘Directory’  is set to /home/support4you/public_html. This means that the user has the ability to upload/download content directly to the website. You can edit the directory specifically for each user based on how much access you want to provide. Once you enter a username to the FTP cPanel will automatically create a directory for the username you created for instance instead of /public_html, by default you will see /yourftpuser as the directory. If you want the user to have full access be sure to change the directory field.

Please note /public_html is the root directory where all site content is located. If this directory is ever deleted your site will go down. For information on downloading/restoring backups of your website content, please see our page on cPanel Backups at: cPanel and Backups

Connecting to FTP

In order to connect to FTP you will need some kind of FTP client. For more information FTP including FTP clients click here.

Second, you will need the FTP username and password you created within the cPanel account. Your user will be the full address you saw during the creation. For example we will want to use: yourftpuser@support4you.com

The host address you will need to use can be either the host IP address or ftp.domain.tld. Once connected, you will see the files of the directory specified for the user.

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