How to Create Email Accounts on Shared Hosting

Creating a new email address

Once you have purchased your hosting account and added your domain to your control panel, you can now create an email address. To begin you must login first log in to you control panel. If you need assistance with logging into your control panel click here.

After accessing the control panel you will need to click on the ‘e-mail’ icon.


The mail manager is where you can create your emails address, set up an alias or a mail forward. In your mail manager you will see a category called ’E-mail Setup Functions’, you will need to do the following:

You will first want to click the New E-mail’ option.


Then you will create a name for the email box be sure to put a check mark next to ‘Mailbox’. Finish up by creating a strong password for your email box.


After you created the email account scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘submit’.



General settings for mail client.

When configuring an email address in an mail client there are certain settings and information which will be used

1) Your name

2) Email Address

3) Account type (IMAP/POP3),

4) Incoming and Outgoing server SMTP ( for both)

5) User name and Password  (Full email address and password)

After you have put in the correct information you will will want to go to your advance setting or more settings in the email client to verify your port settings (incoming server port POP3 is 110, IMAP is 143. Outgoing server SMTP port setting 25 or 587 recommended). Once you have verified the port setting make sure that “This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL)” is not check and “Use the following encryption” has none selected after that you would have successfully configured your email account to your email client.

How to access email in your browser

Instead of logging into your hosting account we offer a way to access through the web browser. To access you email in a browser, type in the address bar.  You will be asked to enter your username and password (note: your username is your full email address). Once you have logged in with the correct username and password you will have the ability to send and receive emails.



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