Creating Reseller accounts in WHM

Reseller accounts are an account type that can be created on the server which give the account owner the ability to add individual domains with their own separate log-ins and control panels. Creating a reseller account in the WHM panel is very similar to creating standalone accounts. To add a reseller account in your WHM panel first type create in the WHM search bar in the upper left hand corner of the page. Next, click the Create a New Account link under the Account Functions section:


This will bring up the account creation form that you’ll notice is the same form used when creating standalone accounts. Fill out the domain name and the system will auto-fill a suggested user name. You do also have the option to create the account with any user name you would like. Then, you can have the system generate a password or set your own password. Lastly, put the users contact email address into the Email Address field. This address is where account notifications will be sent. You can choose an existing package for the primary reseller domain, or you have the option to select the resources manually by checking the box Select Options Manually. For the purposes of this tutorial we will assume that a predefined package will be selected for the primary domain:



(For additional information about creating packages to assign to the domains added to the server as the reseller user please refer to the end of this article)

For the next step, select the desired theme and language and then select the option Make the account a reseller. This is the part of the process that differentiates a reseller account from a standard added domain in WHM. To set it up as a default reseller account leave the Make the account own itself option unchecked. If you choose this option you will give the client what equates to root access permissions on your server which is generally not desired in most cases:


The default DNS settings are recommended and no changes will need to be made in the following sections for a standard hosted domain. If no special DNS settings need to be configured for the domain, click Create to complete the creation of the reseller account:


The Reseller Center is the area in the WHM panel where you can manage and edit reseller privileges for your accounts. The default settings for reseller accounts are limited and you will need to access this in order to set up standard account creation and panel management permissions and save a default ACL List, which can be viewed as a package type for reseller accounts. You can access this portion of the panel by typing reseller into the main WHM search and selecting the option Reseller Center. To edit the reseller accounts resources and permissions select the account from the drop down menu and click Edit Privileges/Name servers:


In the final portion of the tutorial we will set the recommended reseller privileges for your clients. You are free to modify these specific sets of privileges based upon your clients needs, but the following screenshots will show you the most functional and secure set of privileges to allow for your clients:

Account Creation Limits:


Standard Privileges:


Package Privileges:


We do not recommend enabling any of the Global Privileges, Super Privileges, or enabling Root Access on the account.

Once this is complete, your client can access their specific WHM Reseller Panel by going to the primary domain or IP address using the same port number that you use to access your WHM. For example: or The user name and password that were set in the initial account creation will need to be used to access the reseller panel.

To create packages for your domains as a reseller you will first need to login to the WHM panel as the reseller user. Once logged in type package into the search field in the upper left hand corner.


Click the Add Package link to get the the package creation form:


In the example image I have filled out some basic account resource limits but you are free to set these as you see fit. Please keep in mind that you will only be able to assign a dedicated IP address if there are IPs free on the server, otherwise the domain will be added on the shared IP of the server. When you are finished setting the package resource limits click Add to add the package.

When adding an account you will now have the option to select from the packages that you have added to the server. This option can be found in the illustrated portion of the new account creation form:


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