Creating, Promoting, and Managing Your Site

Creating Your Site

Creating a website can be made easy if you choose to use some sort of content management system (CMS). A CMS provides you with a back end to your website that allows you to update and edit your site through your computers browser. There are many free content management systems that can be uploaded to your server and used to create and manage your site. Below are a few CMS platforms that are commonly used, and links providing information about how to install them on your server:




If the articles above seem too advanced for your taste you do have the ability to install some content management systems to the server with our ‘one click install’ using our EasyApps. There is another option for creating your sites through your control panel. Site Studio is an easy to use web site design tool that requires no HTML or programming skills to use. 


Many times customers promote their site weather it be to earn new business or publicity. Within your control panel you have the ability to check statistics on your website to see just how much the promoting has done for your business. Click here for more information about the stats portion of your control panel.

Managing Your Site

In order to manage your site it is helpful to have a good understanding of how to use your control panel. Another helpful tool is our support! This site has tons of articles that can help you with any question you may have. If you have any questions that you cannot fine answers to feel free to give us a call! We are here to assist you 24/7!


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