Creating and Managing a Reseller Plan in Plesk

Inside a Plesk control panel you have the ability to setup reseller packages that limit the resources your customers can use by creating what Plesk calls a Service Plan. Typically the service plan includes disk space on the server, bandwidth, web hosting, and email service limits.  Creating Service plans inside Plesk allows the server owner to create Reseller Plans that limit what the resellers can do and the resources they are able to use on the server.

  1. Inside your Plesk server click on the menu titled “Service Plans”.setting up a reseller account 1
  2. Inside the Service Plans page click on the tab “Reseller Plans” located in the top menu.setting up a reseller account 2
  3. To create a new Reseller Plan click on the icon titled “Add New Plan”.reseller account 3After you have clicked on the “Add New Plan” icon you will be taken to a setup page that allows you to setup the Reseller plan and any limitations that need to be applied for specific account you are creating.
  4. Enter a name for the new reseller plan that will allow it to be identified by Plesk.reseller account 4
  5. Scroll down and review the Overuse Policy section. This section defines what happens if the reseller accounts usage of disk space and/or bandwidth reaches a specified limit. In this section you have the ability to Disallow overuse which will block any overuse from inside the account. If the resellers account is set to block overuse and it goes over its allowed limit, the account will be suspended and no more resources allocated to it. You have the ability to choose to allow overuse inside the reseller account. If you decide to allow overuse, you have the option of sending an e-mail whenever a limit is reached, based off the server’s notification settings.reseller account 5
  6. Following the Overuse policy the reseller account also has the ability to set the Oversell policy. By default overselling is allowed, which means the reseller can sell more resources than what’s been allocated to their specific plan. The reseller is governed by the actual resources used instead of the resources allocated to it.reseller account 6
  7. Next, Define the disk space and monthly traffic limit provided to the reseller through the plan. For any option that you wish to have a set limit allowed inter the specific allocation number or Choose Unlimited for any option you want to have no limit.reseller account 7
  8. In the next section you can set the number of mailboxes, maximum allowed mailbox size, FTP accounts, Databases allowed, sub domains and domain alias. reseller account 8
  9. Click on the Permissions tab under the Resellers plan name at the top of the page. Inside this page you have the ability to define what privileges and services are provided with the subscription.reseller account 15
  10. Choose the privileges you want to allow and then scroll to the bottom of the page and choose to allow or not allow management of the spam filter, antivirus, statistics, and/or log rotation.
  11. Under the Resellers plan name click on IP Addresses.reseller account 12
  12. Choose the shared IP addresses that is installed to your Plesk account that you with to allocate to this reseller plan. Also inside the IP address section you have the ability to Allocate exclusive IP addresses to the account by clicking the checkbox next to Allocate exclusive IP addresses and select the IP address you wish to use.reseller account 13
  13. Click OK on the bottom of the screen to create the new Reseller account.reseller account 14



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